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  • 1 July 2017
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Hello, I am working on an issue that has been somewhat a pain. I took over for a previous IT company that had Webroot SecureAnywhere deployed at this client. 
They pushed their uninstall script and mainly it removed the AV from most computers. Now there is one computer that it didn't. The computer was having issues when I first arrived and then noticed it had 0 bytes free on the C: drive. I first removed temp files and disk cleanup and noticed it just kept filling back up. I thought virus at first so tried running some cleanup from the already installed tools (Webroot & Malwarebytes), but nothing was showing up. Eventually I was able to get into safe mode and clear enough space and quickly install TreeSize and see where the culprit was.
It was the WRLog.log file, it was ~80GB. I was able to delete it then I tried running the C:program files (x86)webrootwrsa.exe -uninstall command. The popup came up to enter a captcha and uninstall and I entered it yet it wouldn't uninstall. By this time the WRlog file was back and increasing in size again. I have deleted it approximately 10 times now.
I can barely get software installed to troubleshoot because the computer is so slow while the file is increasing in size (also currently I am working on it remotely). I am able to get into safe mode with my remote software if necessary. I tried to get a text editor installed to view this 80 GB text file but not working at the moment. At this point Webroot is making this computer worthless. I have went into the Client Console and turned off anything that involves the AV running to the best of my knowledge as well as shutting of the protection by right clicking the system tray icon. There is no listing for Webroot in Add/Remove programs as well. I believe the uninstall sent from the previous company failed because the disk was full and unable to complete. Now this computer is stuck in a continuous loop of delete and within 15-20 minutes unoperable because it reaches 0 bytes free. 
Any suggestions?

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Hello tannerandrew,
I believe that the best advice would be to submit a trouble ticket and wait for the Webroot Team to call you. I understand that this is a Holiday weekend and it may slow things down a bit. If you can work directly with The Webroot Staff they should be able to walk you through the steps to delete the program form this machine. Hopefully, it has not been corrupted by a prior user as you said it had zero bytes on the C:/ drive when you arrived.
Here is their information: Support Number: 1-866-254-8400 M-F 7am?6pm MT
Send a Support Ticket