Just Released - Cloud VSA Integration v1.0

  • 23 May 2018
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Our initial integration into the Cloud VSA structure is now available.  This release will build the foundation of more features and settings to come.
Version 1.0 plugin is provided with the following major features:
Deployment Management
  Manual agent Installation
  Manual agent Uninstallation
  Webroot site keycode management
Combined deployment & status dashboard
  Powerful search
  Agent Installation/Uninstallation status
  Kaseya Live Connect support
Extensive agent info
  Protection status
  Scan status
  Detection status
  General agent status
  License status

4 replies

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The biggest priority item I'd like to have is the ability to remediate machines from VSA. Another nice thing would be official policy support for installations. 
As far as bugs/issues - I find I have to select a machine group or do a search for any results to appear under deployment (can't see "all") BUT also I have to hit the search button once to even have the search fields appear in the first place. 
Another thing - VSA told me it imported some new agent procedures but I don't see them anywhere in my list - not sure if that's intended or not. We have our own agent procedures to deploy anyway and we were using global variables for keys. This is how I am currently doing policy based deployment.
The pop-up window for the agent info is popping up for me as a new tab but shows a bunch of white background underneath the black background after a certain point - doesn't look great - but im nitpicking now. 
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Another bug I found - I am missing a lot of "views" when looking at them in webroot. I have views created for things like "webroot installed" already but i cant see that one or about 2/3 of my other views.
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Excellent feedback.  I'll pass it along.  Thank you!
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Would you mind sending some screenshots?  If not here, please send to cpapke@webroot.com.  Thanks!