SOLVED: Issue for Mac users

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Does this mean any automated fix ISN'T gonna happen? And after several days, shouldn't the agents have all reported in??? Any new systems that haven't been turned on that are turned on now should have checked in and downloaded the new build I'm hoping????
I prefer not to have to call support unless Webroot wants 300+ tickets put in knowing we don't all have physical/remote access to the systems in question. 

Where's the fix??? Where's the compensation for this???? We and our clients are out a LOT of money due to this. It's the second time this has happened and my inbox is full of false positive alerts. 
I'm simply waiting for the automated fix. Hurry up. 
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Hey John, 
I've talked with our team and someone will be reaching out directly to you to help and assist you with this issue. Our support team is happy to look at this on an individual level and in more detail. Look for an email and/or phone call from them soon. 
Thank you.