Cybercriminals Impersonate Bank of America

  • 1 June 2013
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Friday morning I received an Email from Bank of America Billpay:

Bank of America Credit Card has changed your account number. We've already updated your account number in Online Banking to make sure your payments will be credited to the correct account. You don't need to take any action.

If you have any questions about your account, including the reason why your account number changed, contact Bank of America Credit Card directly.

Thank you for using Online Banking.

Please do not reply to this email.

Contact us about this email
If you have any questions, please either call the phone number on your account statement or use the Contact Us page, so we can properly verify your identity.

Email Preferences
This is a service email from Bank of America. Please note that you may receive service email in accordance with your Bank of America service agreements, whether or not you elect to receive promotional email.

Privacy and Security
Keeping your financial information secure is one of our most important responsibilities. For an explanation of how we manage customer information, please read our Privacy Policy. You can also learn how Bank of America keeps your personal information secure and how you can help protect yourself.
This Email has many links in it. I did not click any links. I contacted BoA by landline to check my accounts. None of my accounts have been changed. BoA stated that the Email address was not theirs and they never sent me an Email about changing account numbers. If an email doesn't look right, don't click the link! 😉

3 replies

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Thanks Dave great advice I even get them and I don't live in the US. :@
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Well said Dave!  
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Phishing attacks has jumped according to statistics up by 40%. But there are measures I use on a continual basis to protect myself from Phishing
If you get a warning message that your account has been compromised and your to click on the link "DON'T"  Bank don't operate that way neither does the IRS for that matter.
2. Open a new window and go direct to your banks web site, mind for instance states they do not send emails with links to check ones account.
3.Phishing and contests are big!!!!  This can get you into big trouble. They will ask you to click on a link to enter (and you'll end up at a toxic site)  Don't buy into these contests, they are mostly scams.
4. Finally make sure your security software is update.