[Discussion] A Cybersecurity Guide for Digital Nomads

  • 21 May 2019
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[Discussion] A Cybersecurity Guide for Digital Nomads
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You might have seen on our blog @acastle article about how the new remote workforce, digital nomads, can stay safe on the go. With 4.8 million Americans describing themselves as a digital nomad, it's becoming more important than ever to take cybersecurity measures seriously.
Here's a little teaser on how to keep your physical device safe: Physical device theft is a very real risk for digital nomads, but one that can largely be avoided. The first and most obvious step to doing so is to
neverleave your devices unattended, even if your seatmate at the coffee shop seems trustworthy. Always be mindful of your device visibility; keeping your unattended devices and laptop bags locked away or out of sight in your hotel room is often all it takes to prevent theft. Purchasing a carrying case with a secure access passcode or keyed entry can also act as an additional deterrent against thieves looking for an easy mark.

If your device is stolen, how can you prevent the damage from spiraling? Taking a few defensive measures can save digital nomads major headaches. Keep a device tracker enabled on all of your devices—smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Both Apple and Android have default services that will help you locate your missing device.

We'd love to hear from you if you're a digital nomad and have some pointers that you've learned over the years. Share with us below.

2 replies

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100% agree. The laptop like your phone has so much person and business data plus connections with saved passwords (well many do anyway).
The best thing to do is use windows 10 and bitlocker or better still encrypt the hard disk as bios level so even if hard disk is removed it cannot be used anywhere else.

Many people believe that their windows password being strong will protect them but so many tools to remove it or zero it in 3 seconds. Encryption is the only protection.

On saying that that a regular daily or at least weekly backup of the hard disk image is required.
Dont just rely on file backup as resetting up a computer will take hours plus so many small things you add over time to make your system personal.
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This one is a little old, but many of the points still ring true. Encryption, complex passwords stored in a password manager, and VPNs are all important ways to secure yourself out of the office. So important with more people working from home.