Slow Performance in MacOS Sonoma? Fix Sluggish Speed on Mac

  • 30 January 2024
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by: Paul Horowitz


MacOS Sonoma is a perfectly great operating system for most Mac users, and many feel its variety of features and general enhancements offer improvements over its predecessor. However, not all MacOS Sonoma users are thrilled, and some people feel their Mac is slower after updating to MacOS Sonoma 14, experiencing more sluggish general performance, unresponsiveness to some apps, seeing more beachballs and wait cursors, and just a general perception that their computer is now slower.

If you are experiencing performance issues with macOS Sonoma and feel like your Mac is slower since updating, take a look a these tips to correct the problem.


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4 replies

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Thanks @ProTruckDriver , I upgraded to Sonoma. I'll check out my iMac 2021 Dang Apple messes up their updates and I waited too before upgrading. 🤬 Better hope I don't have to contact their Support line or  link!!!

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Thanks for this. This is a good article and few things I need to check out on my machine. 

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So I followed the article to see what might be causing a slow down. And then I read this: 

5: Use Activity Monitor to Discover Performance Hogs

Sometimes, a Mac runs slow because there is an errant process, or an app going wild and using an inordinate amount of system resources, grinding the entire machine to a halt.

Open Activity Monitor (/Applications/Utilities/ folder), and click on the “CPU” tab to sort by CPU usage. Next, go to the “View” menu and choose “All Processes”. If you see something at the very top using a large % of CPU, you’ve likely found your culprit, or perhaps a lead, as to why the Mac is running slow. You can also sort by Memory to discover things consuming your RAM.

So I did as this said and was surprised to see what might be slowing down my machine!

So basically both Carbonite and Webroot are using more than 215%? Only mds_stores is using more, and it comes and goes.  Anyone care to comment?   🙄

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Oooh. Reading this on the train at the moment but better go and do this on my Macs and see!