Windows 8 - Will you embrace?

  • 24 October 2012
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This Friday is a big day for all Microsoft fans out there.
  • The much anticipated Windows 8 OS is launching to the world.
  • Microsoft has been creating excitement around their Windows 8 phone and Surface tablet.
  • The Windows store will now introduce everyone to the snazzy new metro apps.
But on the other hand, some are saying that their either too late to the game, or battling a steep learning curve.
Since we have a lot of Webroot Community members that are also Microsoft users, I wanted to get a little discussion going. 
Are you..."going Microsoft?" Do you plan to embrace all of these new Microsoft offerings?

6 replies

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Well for me I will not upgrade to Win 8 only when I need a new PC but I do use it on my Virtual Machines and it will take time for new users to get to know how to use it and in time like it.
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I only started getting used to Windows 7 from May this year after so many years with XP. 10 in fact. I never switched to Vista. I'll leave it a good few years before switching again.
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I'm still using XP since it came out. We also have Windows 7 that my wife uses, sometimes I'll use it also. I'm starting to get use to Win 7 but I still love XP. Will I get Win 8, no I don't think so. I've been reading on the internet that Win 8 is going to be another Vista. We'll see what the reviews say after it's been out about a year .;)
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I have waffled back and forth constantly about this,but i fully intend on upgrading to windows 8.It has many more pros than cons i think.From a security standpoint,it should be an upgrade in that regard,even if you have an older pc.And there are significant performance gains from better boot times even on older machines,to programs opening faster..etc.Plus Windows 8 users get ie10 almost a month before windows 7 users get it.I'm anxious to get my hands on ie10 and see how it stacks up against chrome in all respects.I have never and will never buy into the microsoft hype though.When i see commercials for it and things like iphone,ipad,etc,it turns me off.Tired of being bombarded with advertising.Mind you,i make my choice concerning windows 8 due to the feedback of others whose judgement i trust,not due to the hype machine.Plus,it's 40 bucks.If i don't like it,i can always go back to windows 7.I will wait a bit before i spring for a touch screen,maybe after the holidays with inventory clearouts and such.It's definitely worth a try for sure.As for the Surface,and the iphones,androids,etc..i'm tired of tech companies jamming advertising down my throat,trying to convince me i cannot live without their product..well,i can,and i have.As of the moment,i am planning my install for late in the day on friday(will privide continuing deedback after install),i have 2 installs to do for friends on saturday along with the pc clean up thrown in,sunday is church and rest,and right now i have 1win8 install to do monday,and a repair job on tuesday(power supply,graphics card).All for friends,free of charge other than cost of parts,software.All i ask for in return is to be kept in stock on Starbucks.I'm easy to please.Keeps me from getting bored on vacation.I am anxious to hear the feedback of other members in this forum regarding the release of windows 8.Lots of sharp,educated minds here whose opinions i respect immensely.
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There's a lot of talk of Windows 8 being at the same point Vista was. For that reason, many might wait until Windows 9, which will undoubtedly have the changes that people may want to see. It remains to be seen if Windows 8, for the desktop at least, is the PR success Microsoft hopes it will be.
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I'm torn, I really am. I really love Windows 7 (their best OS to date, I feel) but my need for the latest and greatest is drawing me towards Windows 8.
I do kind of like the Metro interface (I used the Enterprise Evaluation version for just over a week, in which time I became used to it), and some of the default apps are quite nice. Part of me however wants to wait till I have a touch enabled device before installing, as this is universally said to be the best way to experience Microsoft's latest OS.

 So, if I do in fact move to WIndows 8, it will be far from an embrace - more like a cursory pat on the back.