how to set file and folder exclusions in the webroot console?

  • 2 March 2015
  • 6 replies

how to set files and folders exclusions in the webroot console?

6 replies

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We don't have folder exclusing, but that is in development.
If you have files that you need to whitelist you can do that in the console, or you can contact our support and they can whitelist them in our database.
I would like to see if there has been any new developments regarding this feature? We have had numerous issues getting applications to work while the realtime shield is enabled and I have opened many cases to resolve these issues. 
If we could exclude an entire application directory from being scanned, I can't even begin to explain how beneficial that would be.
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It's still in beta testing but I don't think it will be too much longer now.  The Windows 10 compatibility had to come first priority for the dev teams recently, so that has slowed down a few other projects.
Is the exclude file feature is still in beta testing,is the feature available now?
Iam webroot lover,but i now i kept aside cause of webroot didnt have exclude file/folder feature.
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It's available now.
does this require a software update ?  or are there instructions available?