Trojans Found on PC... Java/Blacole.KB & Java/Maljava.EW... Are they Valid Trojans?

  • 25 October 2013
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Hello Experts,
These two Trojans were found on a pc during a scan from another software provider, results were Infected, Signature, Trojan, but was not able to cure either of them.
Ran another scan using WebRoot software and no threats were found.
Are these Trojans a valid threat?  If so, how are they to be cured?

4 replies

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Hey Dee,
Webroot focuses on active threats that are actually loaded into memory or are set to be loaded into memory. If the files are just sitting around in a location and Windows isn't touching them they are not really a threat and it's possible the WSA wouldn't see them during a normal scan.
Can you post the logs of the other company's antivirus? Also, can you right click the Webroot icon > save scan log, make sure it doesn't contain any personal information, and paste the last few days of text here?
I tried (twice) to send part of the Webroot log and a print screen of the other vendor's software Trojan found message,
but I receive an error message that I can't send over 100,000 characters.  I don't know what detail you need to see
in the Webroot log that I could remove to make it shorter?
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Hi Dee,
Can you include the last 40 lines or so of the WSA log? You can also upload the screenshot to if it's not working for you here.
Although I do love fighting viruses and fixing problems, this is probably something best handled through Webroot support. They are still open and you can get directly connected with them. I assume you're using the home product, correct?
Submit a ticket
Call 1-866-612-4227
M-F 7am?6pm MT
Thanks for you response, as I submitted a ticket to Webroot Support this morning.
This is for a business.