Webroot client connection error

  • 24 May 2012
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hi guys,
Has anyone ever come across webroot client issues where by webroot clients loaded onto individual pc's on the network drop off and have a connection error pop-up message?
Where i work (some back ground info) we have scheduled WOL scripts that run through Visual Cron that control sweeps when the PC's wake up and Webroot is scheduled to run its sweeps.
We have in the past always had this issue. i have tested and confirmed that all PC's actually run when running WOL tests however we still face connection error issues.
Is there a default time as to why/when and how do the Webroot clients loaded onto PC's on the network suddenly drop off.

1 reply

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What specific version of the agent is this related to?  For example, SecureAnywhere Complete, or Business Endpoint, or the older 7.0 versions?  Getting answers, and where we will move this topic to (It's in the off-topic forum. 😉 ) depend on that information.
**Not entirely clear which product this is for yet, but we'll at least get it into the products category.  Moving to Other Webroot Products**
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