Window Washer Still available?

  • 2 February 2014
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Hi there.  Just a quick question...
I had your program, Window Washer, on my computer and really liked it.
The computer crashed  :womanfrustrated: and had to be taken in and repaired.  When I went to put Window Washer back on, I found the disk had a crack in it.  It won't run.  I came here to your site and couldn't find Window Washer.
Is it no longer available?  Thanks.
Sue  :cathappy:

3 replies

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Hello Sue!
Window Washer is no longer supported.  It was 'retired' in March 2013, but the functions it had have been incorporated into the System Optimizer found in WSA-Complete.
If you still have time remaining on your Window Washer license, you can upgrade to a version of WSA-Complete as noted here.  I am not sure if your existing Window Washer key code will be accepted by WSA-Complete as is, but if not you can contact Support for assistance.
I hope that helps!
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I still like the old window washer, because you had the option for different Bleach settings that you don't see it with the Build In System optimizer inside WSA. I don't know,  maybe the new one is better, But I liked the older version. With the older version If you had the Bleach setting to the highest Level It would Take Longer to clean than what we have now, Is that better, I am not sure .
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Hi venus60
To be honest the bleach options in Window Washer was really just what you can do if yo go to Advanced Settings, click on the System Optimizer tab on the left of the page, and that reveals options to allow you to select what data will be cleaned when System Optimizer runs.  For more information on this please take a look at this page on Changing System Optimizer Settings.
Hope that helps?