This is very very hard to use on my iphone.

  • 8 July 2019
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Using Webroot on my iPhone is a total enigma

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Hi @Meowmeow , what are you struggling with? What Webroot product are you using on your phone? WiFi Security? Mobile Protection?

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Hello @Meowmeow ,

May I offer some assistance here as well?😊

For Mobile Webroot Protection: At this time, there is not an antivirus option available for Apple iOS devices. Because of how Apple manages the apps available in their App Store, there is not a need for one currently. This may change in the future but at this time is is extremly hard/almost impossible to infect an iPad/iPhone.

Webroot does offer two apps you can download from the App Store to backup your files and protect your internet browsing, called SecureWeb and Backup & Sync. You can find either of them by searching for "Webroot" in the App Store on your Apple iOS device. For more information on both of these products please use the information below.
Webroot SecureWeb (which is free)
Webroot Backup & Sync (for SecureAnywhere Complete subscriptions only)

Hope this helps somewhat?
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i already have that app (secure web) but it looks like Webroot