the lost device protection doesn't work

  • 23 July 2012
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Ive just installed the webroot on my Sony Xperia S wich have Android 4.0 .The antivirus ran fine, and from  I can see the phone registered and providing information. I just have a problem , I wanted to make a test to lock my mobile from the website or just use the google map locator device but when I enter to the webpage it says that the lost device protection is not turned on.
I restart my phone and turned off and on again the lost device proteccion and its says everything its ok on my mobile. The problem is that the webpage mark as if were turned off.
I also logged out on my website account and loggged in again to see if something happens but it remains in the same status
Is this a shincronizing problem?   Can you help me pls?

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Welcome to the Community JkGayaArzani,
I would like to check if this is a permissions issue on the My Webroot Account. Could you please https:///t5/notes/privatenotespage/tab/compose/note-to-user-id/1016 with your keycodes and email addresses associated with your account?
Thanks for you quick answer !
When you say keycode , are you talking about the product key?   or the password that I use to enter the website?
Thanks again 
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Yes I am referring to the product key, please send it in the private message. That way I can take a look on the back end.
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Hey JkGayaArzani,
We had been communicating through Private Messages and I was just following up to see if your issue has been resolved.
If you want to setup your device to locate, wipe, or scream as you had mentioned in your Private Message, you can activate the Lost Device Protection from the android device itself.
1. Open the SecureAnywhere app
2. Navigate to Identity & Privacy
3. Click on Lost Device Protection
You had asked why Password Protection was not working, the Password Protection functionality is only available with SecureAnywhere Complete subscriptions.
Please see if you can activate the Install Shield on the device itself as it will give you a notification and an option to "Fix this now".
You can manually navigate to the Install Shield with the steps below:
1. Open the app and tap Security
2. Tap Shields
3. Check the Install Shield box