apparently I have an adware infection in my browser which webroot cannot detect

  • 27 June 2015
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I have adware infection that apparently is hiding in the browser.  I cannot close the window.  Ctrl. alt delete does not work. restarting computer won;t close it.
Geek squad could not help as I don't have a service contract.  Anything I can do without a contract?

1 reply

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Hi cmarmion
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I am presuming that you have the Best Buy/Geek Squad version of WSA?  And if so I was under impression that support was included in the price of the subscription...but I could well be incorrect.
If you believe that the infection is 'hiding' in your browser then I would go to the extensions/addons page/manager, check for any addons/extensions listed therein that are supsicious looking and disable them, and then see if that mitigates the issue in some way or even completely.
Regards, Baldrick