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  • 15 August 2013
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On May 22nd I started receiving messages from Microsoft...not Webroot...about a Trojan Virus on my computer.  I called the 800 number on Webroot's page for support.  I was directed to a company called TechVantedge.  I ended up paying them $646 for assistance and the virus was still on my computer.  I took my computer to someone here locally, and paid him almost $300 to clear up the problem.  When I sent an inquiry to Webroot Support several weeks after that, I received a reply that Webroot provides free support to clear up viruses.  I asked for a supervisor or someone in charge to contact me regarding the $646 I had spent.  NO ONE has contacted me to date.  I am about to cancel my Webroot and report them to the Attorney General's office. 

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I am sorry to say but that wasnt us, I would ring your credit card and report fraud. We do not charge our customers for tech support. We didnt charge you that $646 so we have no way of refunding it. Scams like this are quite common, people pretending to be Microsoft,Norton, Apple, Webroot I have heard them all.
I would like to apologise for this its not a nice situation to be in. If you paid with a credit card you should be able to claim the money back most credit card companies have protection for this type of issue.
I called the 800 number that was on Webroot's support page for on line support.  I have the printed page and it clearly shows TechVantedge as someone that provides support to Webroot.  The web site was *link to TechVantage removed by admin - please do not post such links on this website*.   If I called the 800 number that Webroot provided...why would I have been directed to a company that did not provide your support.
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These kind of "companies" can make a claim that they provide "support for Webroot," but that does not mean they are "Webroot Support." Similarly to how your local tech provides "support for Microsoft Windows," it does not make them "Microsoft Windows Support."

That isn't our support page. This is our support page: That's also the first link that comes up in Google when you Google "Webroot Support" and the same link that is available through our product itself by clicking the Help question mark and navigating the online FAQ.
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Thats not our website, you can see that from the URL (direct link to techvantage's website removed by admin - please do not post that link on this website) Anybody can create a site saying they support Webroot I could do one in about 15 minutes. If you look at there site they do "support" for practically every anti-virus and hardware manufacturer on the planet.  I can forward this thread onto one of the support managers tomorrow when I get into the office if you want.
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It even plainly says they are not Webroot. Near the bottom of the page and at the top under the phone number you'll see:
"Tech Vantedge is an independent provider of on-demand tech support and not affiliated with any third party brand unless specified. Ring us now to get instant and live access to tech support executives for multiple brands of PCs, software and connected devices, all in one place."
Sorry you got burned. But as people have said, do a chargeback immedietly! And when in doubt, for any and all Webroot related support.
Also, at the bottom of their page, they list "100% Money Back guarantee" if they can't fix this issue. There is an email address and phone number next to that. Might want to try that first.
Another little bit of info for you to digest:
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I'm sorry that you got scammed and it's true it's not an Authorized Webroot Support channel and they have a real nice Terms of Use 

   *Direct link to techvantage's TOS removed by admin / please do not post links to TechVantage*

Also nice find Gorg to show it's a real scam.
Here is some more info:


I think the problem here is that someone from Technical Support should have got back at least a second time to the poster, as he had requested, to reassure him that it was not Webroot but Tech Vantedge, who have nothing to do with Webroot, that had scammed him out of $646. It seems a shame that all the poster got from Technical Support was a single reply (assuming this is really so??) and that he had to come here to Webroot Community Support to have this sad story confirmed to him.
And as Rakanisheu rightly and helpfully says, if he paid by credit card he should telephone his credit card company to report fraud and apply for a refund.
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Muddy7 makes a good point. So, I went into the support case to take a look, and there is no message from jordangm requesting supervisor contact. All the same, what's been said here regarding contacting the wrong company is the reality of the situation.

Jordan, if you'd like a supervisor from support to contact you, we can arrange that, but the information provided is going to be the same as the information provided in this topic and in the support case by the agent handling your issue. Do you still want to be contacted by a supervisor?
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I have not replied to this as I wanted to see Webroot's take on it before I do.
Really, it comes down to personal responsibility: Go do a Google search for pretty much any AV vendor or even a well known and trusted tech support company.  You are going to find the official support site for that vendor, but you will also see results of shady rip-off companies like what was experienced here.  If you do not make sure you are contacting the actual vendor  you are likely going to be ripped off.  Unfortunately the vendor, Webroot in this situation, is quite powerless to prevent people from taking the bait that these rip-off artists dangle out there and they are not responsible for the actions taken by the rip-offs.
I am the person that placed the complaint. My icon on my computer for Webroot does not have any support phone numbers. When I searched for Webroot support TechVantedge clearly said support for Webroot. I asked the person repeatedly if they represented Webroot and they said yes. It was definitely my fault, and I have certainly learned my lesson. I saved a copy of conversation with Webroot support where I asked for a supervisor to please contact me. If they had contacted me or at least sent me an email in June when I requested it, my credit card company would probably be more likely to assist me with this issue. I am not pleased with the response and assistance that I have received from Webroot.
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This is where you click to send you to support.


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@ wrote:
I saved a copy of conversation with Webroot support where I asked for a supervisor to please contact me. If they had contacted me or at least sent me an email in June when I requested it, my credit card company would probably be more likely to assist me with this issue. I am not pleased with the response and assistance that I have received from Webroot.
I have to wonder if this request of yours to speak with a supervisor was also sent to TechVantage rather than Webroot, because there is no such message in our ticket system.  I'm not sure what you'd expect to hear from a supervisor that would help the situation in any case.  It is outside of reasonable expectations to expect Webroot to argue with your credit card company on your behalf for a fraudulent charge from an unrelated company.
We are sorry you were scammed by another company though. 😞
I am looking at the conversation was dated 6/13/2013 1:17 and it is definitely Webroot Support.  As I said previously, if someone had contacted me and I had received all of the information that has been provided in this thread, I would have contacted my charge card sooner.  It is not necessary for any more responses on this.  I accept that it was my fault, but I don't feel that Webroot was very responsive to my request. 
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I'm curious. Would it be possible to post that log of the conversation in its entirety?
I'd also like to know how you "know" it was Webroot's support beyond a shadow of doubt.
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I am not sure that posting the log would be a good idea on the Forum, but I would guess given the time stamp that Jim can re-check to verify if need be.
I have it printed.  I could scan it and email it.  This is the email I received:
You have a new message from Webroot Technical Support.
Please read the message by visiting the following web page:
If you are asked to logon, use the credentials we have provided below:
- Email address: *edited out by admin - Please do not post your email address in public.  It's a good way to end up on a lot of spam lists.*

- Password: *edited out by admin - never post your password in public!*
Thank you,
Webroot Technical Support
Webroot Support (Jun 13, 2013 1:17)RE:Trojan malware
I am sorry to hear that you paid so much but you must have contacted a different company for the removal as all of our support is absolutely free to our subscribers. If you ever require assistance related to an infection or with Webroot itself you can get our contact information on
Webroot Threat Research

Your Message (Jun 12, 2013 23:10)Trojan malwareThanks for your reply.  Our assistance to remove the malware was certainly not FREE...$646.00!  Thanks again.

Webroot Support (Jun 12, 2013 22:47)RE:Trojan malwareHello,
Webroot’s Threat Research Team regularly discovers new threats and updated versions of older threats. We strive to provide the most up-to-date security protection to our customers as soon as possible, but please be aware that new spyware, viruses, trojans and worms can emerge daily, even hourly.  These threats often have randomly-generated filenames, folder names, hashes, registry hives and keys, and can use root-specific techniques to hide themselves from antivirus detection and the Windows operating system.
Malware can be bundled with free or shareware programs, so always be sure to read and understand the EULA before installing a program. Another common way that malware is delivered is P2P file sharing clients such as Kazaa. Codecs required to play free movies or music that you downloaded from the Internet can also infect your system when you install them. Websites with hijacked frames or ads can silently drop malware onto your computer when you visit a site, sometimes without even clicking a link. Other compromised sites may launch what appear to be legitimate popups, which begin downloading malware to your computer if you click within their windows. 
Even when you take all possible precautions, your computer cannot be 100% invulnerable to attack. Try to think of Security Software as a flu shot and computer viruses as the common flu.  Getting a flu shot does not guarantee that you will not get sick, especially if a new strain emerges, but the shot does decrease your chances.  For such cases, we provide free phone and ticket-guided malware removal assistance.  To find out more about our malware removal options, click here.
Webroot’s Threat Research department encounters new threats daily, and we work as a team to discover new and innovative approaches for detecting and removing malware from systems that have fallen victim.
Please let us know if you require further assistance.
Thank you,
The Webroot Support Team

Your Message (Jun 12, 2013 21:55)Trojan malwareI would like to know how our computer became infected with a Trojan malware which costs us approx $700 to your tech support group, when we were supposed to be protected by Webroo
**I answered that with this:
 " This is very disturbing to me.  I called the 1 800 number for Webroot and was directed to TechVantedge.  They installed a lifetime firewall to cover up to 5 different computers, such as my PC, two iPhones, and iPad.  I just called 888 211 5928, which is the number that I had for Webroot support and was connected to TechVantedge.  I think that I need a supervisor to call me at _________________(gave my home and cellphone numbers), because if TechVantedge does not handle your support, it sounds like I need to be contacting someone in law enforcement."
I don't have this saved on my computer, but have a copy of this I printed on 06/13/2013.  I had to take my computer to someone here locally.  There was still a sleeper malware on the computer.  When they upgraded me to Windows 7, some of the items I saved regarding this were no longer in my email.  BUT I do have what I printed out on that day, if you would like me to scan and send it to you by email.  I am going to contact my charge card, the Attorney General's office, and the Better Business Bureau on Monday.  I would certainly have done so sooner, if I had received further contact from Webroot.  I have learned a very expensive lesson.  I also have a page I printed on 06/13/2013 that shows Webroot Support-Online Technical Customer Support & Services.  It shows TechVantedge and all kind of of information regarding Webroot that I could scan and email..
*link to TechVantage removed by admin - please see the Community Guidelines regarding third party links*
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Mamn, your reply does not exist in our ticket system. If you actually had answered with such a post, it would be present both in your own log (not added by hand after the end of the log as it is in your post) and in our system as well. Even formatting your entire hard drive would not remove a message received by Webroot support, as those are stored online in our system - not locally on your hard drive.
Just close this.  I will be contacting the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau.
Well, I think I know what happened now!
Jim, please flagellate, crucify me etc. if you will, but I did a rather naughty thing before you edited out the poster's email and password. I logged in to to consult his communication with Webroot. Yes, I know :robotlol:. I'm ready to be excommunicated by Webroot!!
All the communication to which jordangm refers is there except the last message (asking for a supervisor to contact him): which is consistent with what Jim has said all along. Now notice how at the end of your post, jordangm, the confusion once again creeps in and you are once again muddling TechAdvantedge's technical support with Webroot's. I feel sure that you sent this last message in error to TechAdvantedge. I say this because I know what dumb things I can do (particularly when I've been, for argument's sake, infected and then badly scammed) even though I am not usually a dumb person. I think this is what happened to you.
You certainly should contact the relevant organisations and try and get these scammers nailed (though be ready for them to to have all the Terms of Service to wriggle out of their responsibilities). I wish you every success!
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jordangm, I would suggest changing your support password since you publicly posted it and allowed others access to your support console. I hope you're able to get your money back from TechVantage through legal means.

Muddy7, please don't do that again. Although one way of looking at the user posting her email and password in public was that it was an open invitation to log in, it could have also been a mistake on her part.
OK Jim, point taken.
That said, it's a very very sad story, and I wish every success to the poster in pursuing these people.

I am punting this reply here because the date this incident happened is the most searchable. I just received the same email from the scam email  Be aware of the different address. Almost got me.



Webroot Technical Support <>

Jul 8, 2022, 2:09 AM (4 days ago)
to me

Why is this message in spam?

You reported this message as phishing from your inbox.


You have a new message from Webroot Technical Support.

Please read the message by visiting the following web page:

If you are asked to logon, use the credentials we have provided below:

- Email address:
- Password: GZ56BT

Thank you,

Webroot Technical Support
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Hello @Alebrije 


It looks correct but the Web address should be HTTPS! Also it’s not spam.


So can I ask what the issue is especially in an 8 year old thread?



I received this email and almost click thinking was some kind of notification from webroot.  if I see something as a red flag I log in my my account an look for the notification on my account. When I didn’t see any evidence of webroot trying to notify. I assume this is a phishing email. So i search for evidence that. was mot able to find anything but this old tread.