can you run webroot with windows 8 consumer preview

  • 29 February 2012
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             Just wondering can you use webroot with windows 8 consumer preview,the download starts today for windows 8
 and was curious if webroot will be okay to use with it.

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4 replies

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Windows 8 is still in beta testing but we have successfully installed the new Webroot SecureAnywhere software and it has run as it it supposed to. So you should be able to install the software on a Windows 8 machine without any issues, but we do not fully support Windows 8 yet. If you run into any problems running it you can let us know and we can look into the problem, you can just send us a support ticket and can look into it for you.
Creating Support Ticket
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ok thank you i did not leave it on but thier was no problem it worked fine on windows 8 cp but of course ati did not have good drivers yet and no catalyst manager for monitor overscan.better to wait for it to be released but windows 8 does seem promising.once again thank you for replying
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Hello Aggravatorx,
Thank you for questions. As technology advances we would like to stay current on all operation systems that are relevent to the current market that is available. As we see Window's 8 coming to the horizon we can only wonder what we will be able to deliver as a product that continues to makes leaps and bounds in the security area.
If you have any more questions or comments please feel free to ask us anytime.
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just to let everyone know that webroot works fine on windows 8 cp and have had no problems at all,also I would like to say about all the complaining about windows 8 it is actually better then windows 7 much faster and when you go into system display drivers it actually downloads the updated drivers that you need,that is what windows 7 was suppose to do.and I must say the games play better on windows 8 cod mw3,ect.I have a pretty solid machine and it runs faster on windows 8 then it did on 7
intel i7 960 processor
6 gb memory
dual ati 5870 in cfx
and it is funny my performance score is way higher in 8 then in 7
and if you have multi monitors your set in windows 8
do not believe all the bad statements you hear windows 8 is good