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  • 7 March 2012
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I know that Webroot recommends the use of Windows Firewall alongside WSA but is it at least as effective if not more so if I use Comodo Firewall? Inherently, Comodo Firewall contains several features beyond what Windows Firewall has, including its Defense+, so that is where I wonder if concerns may come up? I just like Comodo Firewall because of its feature-set and its success in Matousec's tests (

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2 replies

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There should be no issue as long as Comodo doesn't block any part of WSA as it needs full access to the internet!
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Our new Webroot SecureAnywhere software is compatible with any other av or firewall application, so you should have no problem running our software along side  your Comodo software. However like TripleHelix said, if Comodo blocks part of our program from running then that is where you would have an issue but no part of Webroot should interfere with Comodo as we are smart enough to know what is a real antivirus program or firewall application. If you are using Comodo then you can turn off the Windows firewall and you should be good to go. However running the Windows firewall along side our program is all you will ever need. You can also upgrade to our essentials or complete packages that include our built in firewall and we still recommend keeping the Windows firewall on for an added layer of protection.
If you ever think that there is a conflict between our program and another, please send us a support ticket and we can help you investigate the issue.
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