• 16 April 2012
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does anyone know where to find the webroot instal folder in win 7..cause all i find is a just one file in a folder named webroot and thats just a app file
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It should be in C:Program FilesWebroot it also installs a driver in System32 and one other place C:Program DataWRData Folder which is a hidden location! Maybe in some other locations? The Webroot staff will say!
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Hello avit2013,
Welcome to the forums! Thanks TripleHelix for the screenshots they are very helpful. Avit I would like to give you a few different approaches that vary depending on if you are looking for the filepath of Webroot post installtion or if you are simply looking for the installation folder to reinstall.
1. If you would like to know the "normal" file path for SecureAnywhere, TripleHelix's screenshots are a good resource. In some cases the filepath may be randomized when an infection is blocking installation. In other situations the customer may choose a custom filepath for the software.
2. If you are not on the latest software, SecureAnywhere, you may be seeing this folder named "Webroot" within application data.  You may wish to uninstall the software from your Control Panel and do a clean of which would have a default filepath of C:Program FilesWebroot.  :D  And if you are simply looking for the intallation folder, that should be located in your "Downloads" folder and you could also just use the hyperlinks above to reinstall the software.
Please let me know if this solved your problem or if any new questions arise. I will be happy to help you with them! 😃
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In the interests of being as thorough as possible, here is a list of all of the file locations and a brief description of what they do:
C:Program FilesWebrootWRSA.exe
or C:Program Files (x86)WebrootWRSA.exe
- This loads both as a system service and as a user service.  That's why you typically see two of them if you open task manager.  This is also your user interface.
or C:WindowsSysWow64WRusr.dll
- This loads for user mode analysis.  It's responsible for WRSA running as a user mode service.  WRSA will be loaded equally propotionately to the number of user profiles that are loaded because of this file.
- This is the driver that does all the file filtering, system monitoring, etc.
XP:  C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataWRData
Vista/7:  C:ProgramDataWRData
- All of the program data is stored here and is shared among all users.
If you have Essentials or Complete:
XP: C:Documents and Settings*User Account Name*Local SettingsApplication DataWebroot
Vista/7: C:Users*User Account Name*AppDataLocalWebroot
- Some stuff related to Backup & Sync goes here
If you have Complete:
XP: C:Documents and Settings*User Account Name*Application DataMozillaFirefoxProfiles*Your Profile*extensions{8ac62a8b-8b3f-43ba-9b1a-90c299b9dfda}
Vista/7: C:Users*User Account Name*AppDataRoamingMozillaFirefoxProfiles*Your Profile*extensions{8ac62a8b-8b3f-43ba-9b1a-90c299b9dfda}
- This is where the toolbar goes in Firefox
It is inadvisable to modify any of these files directly unless specifically directed by support.
As Mike mentioned, it is also possible that the files could be randomly named as well if there is an infection present that seems to be trying to block the files or if the user has manually selected to install with randomized names.
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