looks like I have a Webroot complete problem?

  • 19 February 2012
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The bottom line is when it's running, alot of freezing when i install or try and run even small casual games and other apps.
 ihave to disable webroot..sigh..:catmad:

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9 replies

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The bottom line is when it's running, alot of freezing when i install or try and run even small casual games and other apps.
 ihave to disable webroot..sigh..:catmad:
Sorry for the problems you are having as it's the weekend please contact the WSA support inbox as they will be happy to sort out your problems! Submit a Support Ticket 
Hi ttomm46,
You are not alone here, as I have suffered from this for quite some time now. I do not believe that it's a complete issue as I have experienced it on the antivirus version as well. Out of 5 computers, two of them will not run at all if I let the WRSA.exe service startup normally. Both are 64bit Windows 7 machines, and for the moment I have done some tricks which starts WSA after everything has loaded.
I went the support route for a few days, but it got to be a bit much and finally concocted a crude workaround which at least allows me to use the program without issue. I have found that if I start WSA after everything has loaded that it works fine, but if I let it startup in the default way, it pretty much crashes as soon as I try to do anything at all. Not a complete crash, but a slowdown of such severity that it appears as if everything is not-responding.
If you have an unnatural sense of patience, you can eventually shut WSA down, and as soon as you do everything returns to normal. I spent weeks trying every conceivable combination and it just will not run normally on these two machines.
The first thing you want to do is open the UI and make the setting that allows you to shut WSA down, and then do so immediately. Go to the WRSVC service and change it to Manual. Now you can at least startup without being in immediate peril. The service installs a startup entry which will try to start the UI, but simply answer no when UAC informs you that it’s trying to do so. This of course assumes that you are using Windows 7.
Then, wait 5 minutes and start the service manually and see how things go. I have written some scripts to automate a clean and effective delayed startup of WSA, so if this works for you I would be happy to share them. Once I perfected the startup both machines have run like a top and I don’t even think about it anymore. Just be advised that I have done this out of desperation, and that you would be doing so as will. Is it less than ideal, you bet, but it’s a start, excusing the pun, and might help keep you afloat until such time as the true cause of this has been identified.
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thank you i sent webroot some kind of log analyzer data..but in the meantime like your suggestion
thank you:cathappy:
If they come back with anything of substance, please post it back here.
I would very much like to treat the problem, rather than the symptom!
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This is not common to occur as the new Webroot SecureAnywhere software is very small and leaves a very small imprint on the computer to where it should not be causing the computer to run slow. I would recommend contacting the support team and we can gather some logs and look over the computer and possibly make some changes to help fix the problem you are experiecing.
Open A Support Ticket
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As a followup to this, our development team made some changes to certain components that will help this certain rare causes for this situation specifically for Complete and Essentials users. 
In the event it's occurring for AV or if the new version released yesterday does not resolve it, please contact support, as we likely need to get Threat Research folks to help the agent understand your unique computer better.
That's encouraging, and I will remove all my crazy scripts and workarounds and return the everything to the ‘as installed’ condition.  It’s been working like a dream since I made all my custom startup scripts, and I have experienced no freezing with my modified installation.  With past versions I would try every so often to run it in the ‘as installed’ state, and the result was always the same with serious freezing issues. 
So, I am anxious to try the new version and will pretty much know right away if the problem has been solved.
Thanks for the update and I will report my finds back as soon as my testing is complete!
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I just did an update yesterday to the new version of Complete. My laptop was hanging during the shutdown process and it was taking anywhere from 5-7 minutes to complete the cycle. After the re-install of the new version, I did a restart and it only took 3 1/2 minutes to reboot. 
Just make sure that if you uninstall Webroot and re-install the new version, check "NO" when it asks you if you want to import your previous version settings.
Hello DannyK,
Glad to hear that the new version resolved the issue. You are correct to select "No" when you are uninstalling and re-installing the Webroot Secure Anywhere, otherwise it will get the settings from the last version and may not make any different.
Webroot Support Team.