When I start my machine I get a box to install WR even though it is installed, but starts the progra

  • 13 February 2016
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I am not sure if I have complete or just the Anti-Virus program, here is my problem.  I recently had to have tech support to get my installation of WR to work because it was telling my mine was expired when it wasn't.  He did a fantastic job in s few short minutes, but I did have to wait almost an  hour to get someone on the phone line,  I was very happy and it is now on my machine, it was a machine that I had XP but put Win 7 on.  What happens is every time I start my machine I get a box that asks if I want to run what looks like the installation box, but when I click run it just starts WR and it puts an icon in the tray.  If I cancel WR does not start and I have to start it.  Also, if I go to Start Programs and click on the WR in the list it brings up that same box.  I will attach an image of it. It is another way to start it, but on this machine it does not run normallly on startup unless I take these steps.  How do I get it to run  seamlessly? 

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