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Thx Howard!
It was my fault. Your post reminded me to check the used agent in Opera mobile and it turned out that Desktop was enabled instead of Mobile. As soon as I reverted back to Mobile agent, I can see Webroot site in the mobile version including the community.
Please accept my apologies.
Thanks & regards,
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Hi pega,
You don't have to apologize bud :D I'm here to help.  There are some things I have to figure out on my own as well and this issue was one of them. Kudos though, to the many teams here at Webroot who helped bring the Mobile site live in a very short amount of time! 
Although most of our website is optimized for Mobile, there are some areas that are being tweaked. Another thing I noticed in the stock Android browser, Firefox mobile and Dolphin is that sometimes some pages will not automatically convert to the Mobile site, no matter which browser or plug-in.  The fix is to type "" into the browser.
Have a great day,
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Hello Howard.
Thx for your kind words. It seems I am not experiencing the problems you have mentioned using Opera mobile 12.0.1
Thanks & regards,