How do you reset your password so I can make changes to webroot?

  • 26 February 2016
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Can you reset your password? The password to make changes to Webroot that is installed on my PC...


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10 replies

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Hello LDSmith55,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Are you talking about the Online Account Password?
Or within Webroot "Access Control" itself as shown below:

Like below Access control...
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Hi ?
Okay here is what I have done to change my Password in the Access Control. Uncheck" Enable Password Protection." Then click Save at the bottom and enter the "Captcha" Then you will see this screen below and all you have to do is put in your current password. That will save your configuration. (Which clears out your password).Then you can start all over to enter a new password..
EDITED: Please look here at the PC User Guide

Hope this helps?
What is a "Captcha"...
And I don't know my current password. That is what I forgot and need to change...
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Hi Llarry,
When you change settings in the Access Control by tapping on Save you will have to enter these random letters selected which is called a Captcha. Anytime to make changes in the Advanced Settings you have to enter the Captcha.
Require the completion of a CAPTCHA when changing any configuration optionOpens a CAPTCHA dialog that requires you to read distorted text on the screen and enter the text in a field before performing any configuration changes.

Please refer to here
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Hi ?,
This is where it gets complicated. You will need to Submit a Support Ticket which is free of charge with your active Webroot subscription. They will assist you.. The Support Team just needs to verify your account in order to make these changes.
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Hi LDSmith55
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Am confused as to exactly what password you need to reset...if it is indeed the one that protects WSA and prevents on from access WSA's settings, once it has been set, unless it is entered then there is indeed a backdoor way to resetting it but it is not something I would like to share in open forum...for obvious reasons. ;)
So if that is what you need and you would like to know how please send me a private message (accessed from the link in the top right hand corner of any Community web page) and I will be happy to share. :D
Regards, Baldrick
IT IS indeed the one that protects WSA and prevents on from access WSA's settings...
Hope I sent you a message
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Ah, I understand the PM...OK, I will answer it shortly with the information.
Regards, Baldrick