Protected Applications (Advance) Question.

  • 14 April 2012
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When I open the Protected Applications (Open WSAE > Identity & Privacy > Protected Applications Advanced) I list the following:
IE - Protected
FF- Protected
WOT - Allow (Had to change to allow after installing WOT because after installing WOT WSA sets it to Deny)
The following entry has me puzzled:
a0079894.exe C:System Volume Information_Restore ( lot of numbers & letters)  - Set to Deny
Why do I have Restore in this setting or why did it appear?
Can I delete this entry without having problems?

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5 replies

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Hey ProTruckDriver,
From what you described, I thought it may be a past restore point that contained an infection. I think our team would be interested in why WOT was being set to deny.  Identity Shield issues are of interest right now and this could prove useful for others on the Community as well.
Would you mind opening a support ticket so I can pass it on to be researched further?
Thanks Pro, and if you are up for opening the ticket you can PM me your email so I can look it up and keep you posted.   :D
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Hi Mike,
Support ticket sent. Also sending you my email by PM. Thanks. :D
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I just sent you a reply on that support ticket.  This was an issue that should be corrected already in a recent build.  Uninstalling and reinstalling should clear out the files that shouldn't be present in the Protected Applications list but ended up there anyway.  Then they shouldn't appear there again.  So go ahead and uninstall and reinstall.  Choose not to import settings when prompted on reinstallation.  If it happens again, please let us know.
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Thanks Mike & Jim for the reply. I'll do a clean install to fix and post if it happens again. 😃
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I did a clean install of WSAE and that cleared the problem with the "Restore entry". Thank you. :D
Did the Webroot Team figure out why when you first install WOT the setting on WSAE set to deny?