Why doesn’t SecureAnywhere find Cookies anymore like the previous version did?

  • 2 February 2012
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This change was made because our insight into how to treat them has evolved since they were introduced.  Cookies are designed to provide a service that many internet users find beneficial by delivering directly to you specific information based on your preferences. For instance, if you make frequent purchases from an online store, you might see an advertisement for a sale at that store when browsing other pages.
The latest browsers enable you to easily manage your own cookie settings.  Browsers have cookie protections built in, and you can delete or even block cookies altogether, if you’re concerned about tracking.  Each browser has slightly different instructions on how to set these configurations.  To find out more, we recommend consulting the Help documentation available for each of your browsers.
For too long, the security industry – including Webroot – has expected our customers to manage security products for themselves.  Quarantining relatively harmless cookies and expecting you to know how to handle them was part of this burden.  Just as Webroot SecureAnywhere no longer requires you to repeatedly download resource-intensive signature files, we’re no longer asking you to worry about non-malicious files like cookies.

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7 replies

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Good to know. I agree with the decision to omit the feature.

I usually just delete my cookies in Internet Explorer by going to Tools > Internet Options > Settings (under Browsing History) > View Files.

Then I use CTRL + A to select all cookies; then Delete.

Takes about 45 seconds. Easy peesy.
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Cookies are harmless and the new WSA-E and WSA-C have Idenity Shield which protects your cookies when doing online Banking and Shopping on HTTPS sites!
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I use CCleaner for cookies. Keep the ones you want and delete the ones you don't need.
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I use SuperAntiSpyware and all it finds is yummy cookies! :D
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Same here, TH. I would recommend that cookies are best left to SAS...IMHO.
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I have so many different PW's, don't know what I'd do if it wasn't for s/w that would keep want ya want, discard what you didn't. 
I never liked the idea of antimalware blocking and deleting cookies; I always turned that off, if I could. It is the browsers' job or some extension for them. If you want to worry about cookies, worry about Flash cookies, but that's another thread.