What's New at Webroot: December 2020

  • 22 December 2020
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What's New at Webroot: December 2020
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Webroot® Security Awareness Training Release

In addition to new training courses and phishing templates, this release introduces a redesigned campaign summary report, providing per-user and aggregate statuses for campaigns in progress or completed. It also adds user management to the Webroot console, making it easier for admins to manage training across clients without having to navigating to another console.

What’s being released?

  1. Redesigned campaign report. The new report boasts a more intuitive summary of aggregate results. It also includes more per-user detail, including why emails were not delivered. This report replaces the campaign summary user interface and PDF in the Webroot console and the PDF in the Webroot Security Awareness Training console.
  2. User management. Admins can now view, add and remove target users from the Webroot console. The workflow for adding users provides options to manually enter users, upload a file or set up Azure Active Directory integration.
  3. Out-of-the-box Campaigns. Consoles that add Webroot Security Awareness Training for the first time will see three draft phishing and training campaigns ready to launch from the Webroot console. This gives new customers an idea of how the product works and kickstarts their campaigns. This does not affect consoles with Webroot Security Awareness Training already installed.

Content updates:

  1. Added VPN from Home Best Practices course from NINJIO.
  2. Added three compliance courses from SAP Litmos.
  3. Unpublished four outdated courses from the IT Skills category.
  4. Added eight seasonal phishing email templates.

Release details:

Product Name

Webroot® Security Awareness Training

Release Date

December 15, 2020

Build Version

    APP v9.0; API v9.0; UI v5.0


Webroot Security Awareness Training customers


Available now


Webroot Mobile Security for Android™ Release

On December 4, Webroot improved the way we protect Android phones and tablets with our newest Android mobile security app on the Google Play™ Store.

Release details:

  • Complete UX/UI redesign compatible with newer Android™ phones.
  • Newly integrated account management flow for mobile.
  • Stunning antivirus capabilities for keeping users safe from malicious apps.
  • An amazing framework update using Chromium.
  • Webroot browser protection using real-time threat intelligence calls.
  • Leveraging Chrome content blocker capabilities for high-risk malicious URL filtering.

Find the complete release notes here.


3 replies

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As always, thanks for  the updates. 

As someone who has not taken any classes, is there a charge for these, or a prerequisite?


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Hey @MajorHavoc , sorry about the delay. 

These new courses are included with our SAT product at no extra charge. If you’re looking to find out more or want to demo SAT, just let me know and I can introduce you to the right person on our team to show you around. 


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Thanks Drew. No worries on the delay. I know how that goes for sure. I will have a look at the link above and let you know. Cheers.