Boots to black screen

  • 30 April 2015
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I am reletively new to WEBROOT (8  month user with no problems) and am running WINDOWS 7.  Recently, I did a "clean" with System Mechanic followed by a deep scan with WEBROOT.  I've done this many times in the past with no problems.  But this time, the system restarted with a black screen with an unmovable cursor at the top left of the screen. I can eventually clear this problem by doing an "alt-ctrl-del" and getting to F12 before the black screen comes up.  Then I restart with the next-to-last option on the reboot list and then continuously click the shift key (a recipe I got off the NET!).   Does anybody know what causes this problem and how to get back to "Normal" operation without reloading my system?
Dr Bob
PS This problem came about after I loaded SEAGATE Dashboard and did a systems backup which, by the way, gave me a message that the backup was "unsuccessful" because apparently one I/O file did not sucesessfully dump.  I have nt yet completely cleared this problem or discovered the cause.

1 reply

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Welcome aboard and sorry that you're having this issue.
I think they key might be in your postscript - generally the last change made before a problem starts is the most likely culprit.  I'd suggest maybe uninstalling the Seagate dashboard to see if the problem goes away, to confirm whether this is the case or not.