Chrome browser started saying it's "managed by your organization" IS THIS CAUSED BY WEBROOT??

  • 27 April 2021
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Almost all internet references say that when a browser indicated  it is “managed by your organization”, and you don’t have an “organization” then it’s likely a case of malware or PUA hijacking.  Not only does Chrome (recently updated) say it’s being “managed” elsewhere, there is a blank page at “chrome://management/” . 

Is this browser “managed by your organization” notice caused by my installed Webroot app?  




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3 replies

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Hello @goco 


Yes and it’s normal when you have Webroot Installed and it’s because of the Web Filter Extension but it doesn’t affect the browser in any way.


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The same with Firefox and again it’s because of Webroot Web Shield Extension!



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Thanks for the response.  I see by your example that Firefox uses a link to make it fairly easy to figure out who is “managing” the browser; in my case, the link goes to a Webroot extension setting--’nuff said.  But with Chrome, novice users like myself tend to get panicky when, even with all revenant Chrome extensions “disabled”, we still see we are being managed elsewhere, and have no further clue what's going on.  I’ve come to believe that Google by far dumps the most into their products’ security than anyone else & it’s worth giving up data (they probably already have) for the security of Chrome.  But it sure would spare me a lump in my throat if when I’m being managed by a third party “organization” they'd at least give me a hint as to who it is.  Thanks again,