• 12 January 2013
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Hello, I'm new to the community.
I've been administering and investigating malware events across about 1200 WSA endpoints since March/April 2012. Before that I administered the old Webroot AV for about 1.5 years? I was a huge fan of PrevX and love that WSA is a direct continuation of that lineage. Before Webroot I suffered under the oppression of the absolutely worthless and horrible <OTHER AV PRODUCT GOES HERE>.
We also have WWSS but don't use it as much anymore. Bad experiences with earlier versions of the agent, lack of integration, and greater data caps on business cellular modems have reduced our need.
I also run our desktop management/patching system and build our computer images.
I really, really enjoy the New Product Smell of WSA and the possibilities it has. The protection it has offered my company with the low overhead is great. I can count the number of unremediated (sorry for the crappy terminology) "kernel-level" infections of our clients in the last 9 months on one hand I think. Webroot's decision to dump their old AV technology was absolutely the right decision.
I'm a superfan, though I'm not uncritical. I'm unhappy with the lack of information and detail that the WSA agent, console and reporting provide. Also, I feel the documentation of its options and published information about how the product operates are weak on technical content. I hope to nudge Webroot in the right direction on these.
At home I run Windows 8 protected by WSA, MBAM Pro, ExploitShield, EMET, and Zemana Antilogger. Sometimes I'll also run Comodo Firewall when I feel like inflicting pain on myself.
Also, shout-out to Ron and Gregory in Webroot Business Support for being totally awesome ballers 24/7/365 and for putting up with my overly inquistive nature. Seriously, they and the entire support department are a major reason I continue to be a fan.
Right now, I hope to someday have an avatar that isn't a sandwich.

3 replies

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Thanks for the amazing feedback! I'm so glad you like our Webroot Business products and I passed along your great shoutout to Ron and Gregory. :)
Also, I have a feeling that the sandwich won't be around for long. You've contributed a lot of great feature requests and posts recently! 
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Hello explanoit, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. :D
@ wrote:
Webroot's decision to dump their old AV technology was absolutely the right decision.
Yes, I agree. 😉
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Well I already said Welcome but I will do it again Welcome explanoit to the Webroot Community Forums.