Help name the very first Guard Cow for Webroot

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I think an important emissary doing such an important job representing something so important needs a noteworthy name.  I propose: Sir Loin of the Kingdom of Defendusall.
Not only will Sir Loin look rather 'bullish' in his newly appointed position, but he will be a valiant symbol of standing stalwart in the face of digital danger!
I live in Hawaii and I pick the name to be "The Big Kahuna"
I see what you did there.
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Holy Cow now that is original. LOL
Daniel 😛
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CoCo or Crosby!! :D
I think he will grow to be a real brute . . . Therefore, name him "Broot", using the last 5 letters of Webroot.
The calf looks like the color of the homemade candy we use to make as kid - Molasses Taffy.  I think Taffy would ve a wonderful name for the  "Gaurd Cow" even though he should properly be referred to as a "Guard BullI".
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My husband and I used to raise cattle, so I know a winner when I see one. I dub this guy. "First Prize."
or reading to my granddaughter, I also like: WHAM I AM
or the slightly subtler: WHAMO
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Stormin Norman
Bringing Justice to the Plains of the Cyber: 
I grew up on a farm we had a bull that looked like him his  name was Ferdinand i think that would be a perfect name for him
I think Brootus would be a good choice. 
Several People have said things like this:
akim said broot
martiniqueen said web-rute
gingertucker said broot also
rihall61 said something similar
I am saying "Brute"
I has to be "Bad to the bone T bone".
Just call him Doug
Bos should be the name of the Bull.
My entry for the the first Guard Cow would be the brow bomber!