Howdy! New Webroot user here!

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@ wrote:
Don't worry, David!

This kind of addiction is a good thing to have! Especially when it gets shared with those of us who are tech turtles and the rest of you are tech cheetahs!
LOL.  I don't consider myself a cheetah, but I try the best I can 🙂
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Hi, David!
Thanks for the suggestion.  The odd thing is that when I get spam, it is generally routed to my junk folder (and sometimes emails I am waiting for from people get routed there for some reason, even though they are in my address book so I do check there to make sure I'm not missing something) but these all show up in my regular in box, but when I open them, they give me that red bar and the warning:  Be careful! This sender failed our fraud detection checks.
I knew it was from you all so I wasn't worried, and I had learned in here that if there is something in an email, which is rare, then my Webroot will find it and zap it... Which apparently it did because it did find one cootie today in a scan, so it's doing its job!
But, and this is probably a really dumb question, but i noticed when the scan was running, it says above the scan bar that it is checking for malware.
The Webroot product checks for worms, viruses, Trojan horses, and all of the other dangerous and destructive things in addition to malware, right?
Just checking.  I know, I know, I'm putting my lack o' tech knowledge right out there front and center, but I was curious.
Thanks again for the patience and support! 😃
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Yes,. it checks for all of that :)
Good question! 
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It also removes tracking cookies, too, right? I know on the product page it says that the Anywhere, which I got, removes all traces of your activities/visits on line. Did I understand that correctly?
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Well... now we need a little clarification.
ALL versions are called Anywhere.  SecureAnywere to be exact :)  (WSA= Webroot SecureAnywhere)
Did you get:
WSA-Anti-Virus  [WSA-AV]
WSA-Internet Security Plus  [WSA-IS]
WSA-Complete  [WSA-C]
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Hi I just want to mention I use ccleaner and/ or SuperAnti Spyware to remove my cookies.....gr8auntteffie...hold on k?

@ is this KB updated...for here's info on cookies..
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Yes, it is updated.
Cookies are not really malware, though many programs will report each and every single cookie as a threat to 'pad' the results.
Since cookies are not actually malicious, AND every browser has a built in ability to quickly and easily remove them, WSA does not at this time remove them.
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I honestly don't know...  How would I be able to tell?  My green Webroot box just says Webroot Secury Anywhere.
I did get the version that wil protect any other items that i get that need internet access...
I told you all I am a total goof when it comes to this stuff! 😳
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I went back to my order receipt and it says:
Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete 5 Devices 1 Year Subscription

So am I covered to the teeth or do I need to upgrade?
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You are covered to the teeth :)  You have ALL features available
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Thanks, David! :D
You can't see me, but I am doing this: :womanlol: while bouncing around in my chair doing a couple of these: :D:D:D
I thought that I had read the descriptions thoroughly and had selected the right product, but with me, ya never know!
Thanks again!!
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Hi, Sherry!
I know I should be ashamed to admit this, but I have no idea where or how to find the windows feature that would allow me to get rid of my cookies.  the old Norton product I had would sweep them out along with everything else and classify them as low risk.
I guess i assumed that if my Webroot covers my movements on line that it would also remove cookies so that i couldn't be followed...  or maybe that isn't how it works at all.
Like i mentioned, i'm dim when it comes to this stuff.
Thanks again for the link! 😃
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I just thought of something as I was running a scan.
Is it OK if I run multiple scans using my Webroot while I'm on line and then again once I log off?
I want to catch anything untoward that might be in my system, and today the scan found something that it wanted to remove.
I hadn't thought i had opened up anything bad or gone to any sites that i haven't been to before, but maybe i did and didn't realze it.
Anyway, i just was wondering if  there is a recommended schedule for running the scan on the computer?
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Just to remind, WSA will protect against any malware in realtime.:) A default weekly scan is enough.;)
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While a weekly scan is enough, if you have WSA-Complete you might opt to run System Optimizer more often than that: this is a component that eliminates traces of online activity such as temp files, browser history, etc etc.
Remember to clear your cookies, and run the System Optimizer if you desire. 
I tend to go the other day: I run a scan daily and the Optimer weekly LOL.
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I honestly still have no clue how to clear cookies... aside from with a glass of milk, that is! ; )D
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@ wrote:
I honestly still have no clue how to clear cookies... aside from with a glass of milk, that is! ; )D
Well, that IS a great way to do it, but I suspect we are wanting to clear cookies of the internet kind here :)
What browser to you use?  Each browser, while similar, is a bit different
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I am going to make a small correction here... the System Optimizer DOES clear cookies from IE, but I do not believe it will for  Chrome and Firefox.  If you are using IE, just run the Optimizer and you should be clean and ready to go 🙂
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I do have IE on my computer so I will do that! Thanks!
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I have yet another question about my WSA product.  :S
When i placed my order it said that i get a disk that will be sent to me.  Is that so i can load the program onto subsequent items that need coverage under my subscription?
And since i don't have  a tablet or smart phone ( but will likely have to break down and get something far more portable than my laptop while out of the office ) I don't know the procedure for such a thing.
Will the disk come with instructions to help me understand the best way to use its contents and load it onto the applicable item?
Sorry for being such a rube... 😳
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Hi gr8aunttefieThe CD is really a back up. If you want to install WSA on to other devices (assuming that you license allows it) then the best approach would be to download the installer from Webroot, and then run it, having your keycode to hand so you can enter it when required by the process.And BTW, you are not a rube. RegardsBaldrick
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Thanks, Baldrick! :D
I had thought that was the case at first, but then thought perhaps I should ask.  I have the subscription for up to 5 devices, but since my laptop is the only one I have at the moment ( and clearly more technology than I can safely handle!!! ) I just wanted to be sure about that.
And thanks for being so nice...  But I really am a rube.  ;)
When it comes to tech stuff I am so lost it's like blind man's bluff for me...  Which is why I ask so many questions, to try to make sense in a non-tech way so that it sticks inside my gray matter!
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Hi gr8aunttefie
There is no such thing as a pointless question in my book.  If in doubt then ask.  That is what I do and that is how I learn (and one is never too old to do that...even me). ;)
As for you being a rube...rubbish.  Don't do yourself down.  And as for is no different to anything else that has to be learnt...and for that patience is required.
Ask away all the questions you want...we will be pleased to try and answer them for you...that is what makes this Community so great...and a great place to learn. :D
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I agree with @ - if you're savvy enough to post on here asking for help and learning, then you are already head and shoulders above most!
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None of us was 'born knowing it', we have just been able to take more time in trying to learn it.
I agree 100% with Baldrick and Nic: The Commumity exists just because a majority of computer users DON'T know how to do many things 'technical', but those of us who do very much enjoy helping out. 
Feel free to ask away 🙂