Trying to remove the "Ads by quiknowlege" pain in my %8$#.

  • 9 June 2014
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Good Morning!
I continue to get these popup ads by quiknowledge as I work. I don't know how it got into my programs but I was able to remove it through my control panel and "uninstall a program".
With that said, I continue to get the "popup" in my Google Chrome. 
Is there a way that I can get this stopped?

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5 replies

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Hello Phil Sorry you are having this issue. Have you gone into Google Chrome in setting and set Block pop ups? Hopefully I can get advice from @ . I'll see if he's around...:D
You could download Adblock plus from google store and I know thats what alot of the users here use.                                     
I believe that Quiknowledge is a browser hijacker. 
Thanks, I think that worked. 
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😃 Great Phil, Post back if you need further help!
I do appreciate the help. I also downloaded the adblocker app late last week and it didn't seem to work too well until I removed the malware from my programs.
Thanks again!!!
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Hi Phil, No problem ..Happy to be able to assist...

Have a Nice day! 🙂