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  • 25 February 2023
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In seven years WebRoot has never scanned my computer then reported a threat found.   Is the system catching threats prior to infecting my computer and not taking credit for blocking them…. seven years of zero threats makes me wonder what I’m paying for. 


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Often, scans find no results simply because there is nothing to find. Your system is clean!

If you use the Internet frequently and are accustomed to seeing cookies in scans with other security software or with previous versions of Webroot, please keep in mind that SecureAnywhere does not detect cookies. To find out more about this change,


Many security software companies have their own distinct methods of classifying malware threats. If you use other third-party security software on your machine, it may detect items differently from SecureAnywhere, such as potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). PUAs can include adware, non-malicious spyware (e.g. cookies), remote administration tools and numerous others. These items are typically not threats to your system. Because items that can fall into the PUA category might be considered useful by some customers, SecureAnywhere will only detect them if they are actively behaving in a malicious fashion. Also, when there is a threat to detect, no matter how many files or registry entries that threat may have created, Webroot will detect, quarantine and report on it as ONE threat, while other companies will list each file and each registry entry as their each own threat. So in many comparisons you’ll see Webroot detected 1 threat while others will detect 30+ with their inflationary counting methods. 


In summary - we take a different, minimalistic approach to keeping your computer safe while also staying out of the way. 

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Remember that if you ever feel like your computer is infected or not working correctly we’d be happy to analyze your logs or remote onto your computer to investigate - free of charge. 


Just give us a call or open up a ticket.

Thank you for your response.  As an untrained customer, it looks like you are telling me that when your scans find nothing to quarantine, that just means that nothing has gotten past your guards. 

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No news is good news!!