What is an authentication code?

  • 15 January 2020
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I have passwords and I have a security code, but when I tried to log in, it asked for an authentication code. I have no idea what this is or where to find it. Can anyone please enlighten me?


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4 replies

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2 months and no reply!?!

Exactly the same problem I’m having and have got no response from support; seems that neither have you.

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Sounds like you set up 2fa for Webroot - do you not remember setting this up? 2FA utilizes an authenticator program to make your logins more secure but it requires that 2FA authentication code to login every time. If you need to reset this, then you will have to contact support:

Hi!  When you set up 2-factor authentication for your Webroot account, it prompted you to download an authenticator app such as Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, etc.  I had chosen the Microsoft one, so when I open the app, it shows a 6-digit authentication code for Webroot which updates every 30 seconds, I believe.  


So to find your authentication code, open whatever app you chose to download during the 2-factor authentication setup process, and you should find the code for Webroot. Hope this helps.

Thank you @khumphrey & @jdidas90 

I’m glad I searched the web for this. It has been a while since I attempted to access the web console and after numerous login attempts over the span of two days - mistakenly expecting this Authentication Code to be sent to me via text message - I almost sent a scathing email to Webroot today, claiming that their authentication system is broken.