Webroot and Manage - the integrated!

  • 1 September 2017
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How are you using the new integration between your Manage console and Webroots Admin console to solve issues and streamline your work.
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3 replies

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Do you have a screenshot of what you're refering to? I'm not sure where to look. Should there be something new in Manage? (not Automate?)
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All - Here is the link to the self-signup up portal https://webroot-staging.mobiusworks.com/sign_up
If you need additional assistance, start with ConnectWise support as they drove the integration.
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One of the directives I've been given was to ensure that the Security Division of our company is profitable.  This integration is helping to achieve that goal by ensuring that the Webroot agent count is accurate for each customer's Agreement & Additions in ConnectWise Automate, and that keeps the billing accurate.  And Billing is not just about revenue - it's about being able to demonstrate due care to the customer - that we're able to accurately track the products & services we're providing.
The integration was simple to set up, and use.
Once configured, they synchronization is manual.  I've requested a feature update so that it can be scheduled for a more automated solution.  Please go and give it an upvote here.
I haven't written it up yet, but another nice thing to have would be to calculate the difference (if any) between number of labtech agents and number of webroot agents.  It would be nice to reconcile the two (they should, for the most part, be equal), and use that to generate a coverage report and maybe an action plan for clients to go and get Webroot deployed to.