01July2019 auto-update to on WinXP - Manual Scans Now Take 5 Times Longer

  • 2 July 2019
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Hi Folks,

We are talking here about a rarely used but clean Windows XP docked ThinkPad with a platter HDD.

Manual WSA deep-full scans used to take only 5.5 minutes for many years up thru and including PC Agent Version ..... that would be yesterday July 1, 2019.

Yesterday, immediately following an "auto-update" to PC Agent Version and reboot, the same 40,000 file manual deep-full scans are now taking 26.5 minutes ... about 5 times longer and seem to pause mostly now on dll files. There were no changes to the ThinkPad before or after the update from yesterday.

Today, after several more manual deep-full scans the time remains the same at 26+ minutes and the reports show the unit is clean.

I've always disabled autoscans .... just manual scans each time this ThinkPad is used.... plus, also for many years, manual-only scans with both MalwareBytes Free v3.5.1.2522 (the last version supporting Windows XP) and SUPERAntiSpyware Free.

Again, this is a rarely used Windows XP Pro SP3 ThinkPad T500 permanently docked. I have two other ThinkPads (Win7 and Win10) for daily use with another A/V product (for about another 60 days until that product's license expires). I'm planning to install WSA on them because I've always liked WSA and have 500+ days remaining on my current WSA 3-PC 3-Yr license (with 2 seats still unused).

Okay, so do the release notes offer any clues, i.e. like has Windows XP support been dropped or hobbled?

I've saved the WSA Configuration and could try a reinstall if someone feels it would be useful and could kindly offer a secure download link. Or would a clean reinstall be better?

However, I've got a sinking feeling that it's just WinXP no longer working well with the latest PC Agent Version

Thanks for any help or insight regarding this issue.


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I don't know but here is some info: