Is Webroot enough?

  • 17 January 2019
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What is Webroots advice regarding protecting a computer? Is Webroots engine enough? I use a PW manager, and syshardener by NVT. And I know about being click happy. I am not.😉
I know your webshield is very efficient, but I think more about the antivirus engine?

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For me, yes. I used to run Eset alongside Webroot, but stopped that some years ago and have never (since moving in 2006 to Prevx*->Webroot) knowingly been infected**. I also used to from time to time use online scanners from reputable AV firms to get a second opinion (even still do once in a blue moon), but they never found an infection.

Having said that, some people here like to add Voodoo Shield as a complement to Webroot. Imo not strictly necessary, but it does harden your protection even more!

Anyway you didn't ask me LOL, you asked Webroot, so let's hear what they have to say.

*Prevx was acquired by Webroot late 2010 and Webroot entirely rebuilt its AV technology from Prevx's.

**Btw before then I got infected rather a lot 😞 Too much in fact .
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Hi Muddy
Yes me too. I have used it the last 8-9 years and I used Prev X too. But it's only because I come in a forum, and there it's like almost everybody think only using WSA is bad bad security. No tips for guessing where it is. ;)
But I just continue like I have done. I have added syshardener NVT that should be enough. I admit I think it's a great antivirus, and the light footprint is a nice bonus.
Thanks for your answer.
...I come in a forum, and there it's like almost everybody think only using WSA is bad bad security. No tips for guessing where it is. ;)
Yeah, no tips indeed for guessing 😆

Funny, though, that so many of us when we started using Prevx/Webroot found (to our genuine amazement) that infections mysteriously stopped dead. However I'm reliably told in those Forums that that kind of thing doesn't count.

Oh well, there you go 😪 I must just be too plain stupid to understand their cunning logic.
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Webroot is enough. Truth be told, Windows Defender is enough. But there's a big "if" connected to my claim. Enough depends on what you are doing with your computer and where you are going. Visiting shady sites? Expect trouble. Downloading this, that and the next program online? Expect issues sooner or later. In 22 years I have not had any infections... I've used banking online continuously over the past 20 years and I've made countless purchases. I personally think a lot of this nonsense about malware infections and the need for ultra protection is way over-hyped. If you're part of a corporation, you're going to come under attack. If you're simply an ordinary guy going online daily to do a few things (see above) and you keep your OS updated... you're going to be fine. I'm always amused by posters wanting to know what the "best" AV is. There is NO best AV... period. They're all susceptible if you behave foolishly. And furthermore, the more you put onto your computer, the greater the impact will be... period. Our son is a distinguished engineer with MS and has been with the company since 1991. He has never had an infection and has only used MS products for protection since they've been offered. His wife is also a software engineer and has the exact same experience. My wife only uses Windows Defender and before that Security Essentials with no infections. How do I know? Occasional online scans and no issues whatsoever with hacking, ransomware etc.
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I'm a little disappointed not one of the Webroot employees has chimed in. Or maybe they are busy, what do I know?
But the intention behind my post was actually to hear some opinions from them, as they must have the best insight in how good it is, compared to all the others.
I have known for awhile some feel WRSA is good enough alone, and then there are a group that doesn't think it is.No news there.
But you can't get everything I guess.
@Orthodoxguy thank you for your answer.😉
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Nevi, I don't think you would be entirely satisfied with an employee answer if you really stop and think about it. Of course they're going to say that WRSA is enough provided you do what I mentioned earlier and take reasonable precautions. Why do I use WRSA rather than Windows Defender if, as I mentioned, WD is adequate these days? For the simple reason that WRSA is faster at scanning and has less impact, believe it or not, on my OS. Is it any better than Bitdefender? Norton? Kaspersky? Avast Premium? AVG? etc? That's all a matter of opinion and if you check out PCMag, AV-Test, AV-Comparatives etc on any day you'll discover that the opinions never stay the same. There is no best "anything", Nevi. No best car... no best computer... no best AV program... nothing. Anything we make is subject to trade-offs and glitches. It's part of the human experience. We're just not that good at making foolproof things and that includes AV programs. You'll be very happy (and safe) with WRSA. If you feel you need more, add Malwarebytes free version (I don't see the necessity myself but many do).
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Hi again.

I do use Hitman Pro premium to an auto scan when I open the computer. So if anything happened, I would know pretty fast. I don't know what has happened to Malwarebytes. It's not the same scanner as it was 3-4 years ago. But I'm okay with WRSA. I just think it would have been nice to hear something from Webroots own employees. It could give many the wrong impression of the product, that they don't even answer in such a thread as this one. Or at least say why they dont answer. But it's not my intention to change to something else just because of this. I do know the most important is my own behavior, so I keep being cautious.
Thanks again for your answer, and have a great weekend Orthodoxguy. :)

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Hitman Pro is an excellent program. You're very well protected. You might want to catch PC Security Channel sometime on YT (if you're unaware of that channel). Leo has a lot of good things to pass on to the rest of us. Take care.