Obtain Keycode or GSM Site Id programmatically from server

  • 31 January 2018
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I'm writing some powershell scripts which will run on on our clients servers, these servers run Webroot AV and I need to be able to make API queries to Webroot relevant to that particular client from the script. 
To do this, I need to be able to correctly identify the client via obtaining either the webroot keycode, or GSM Site Id programatically from the server where the script is running. 
Are these values stored somewhere that can be read by PowerShell?

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The webroot keycode/GSM key is mostly hidden on the local endpoint so you would not be able to script this detection. Some endpoint data is available in the registry under:
However, we would recommend leveraging our API which can pull much more data:
Hi freydrew,
I definitely intend to use the API to pull additional data, but to do that I need to be able to identify the correct client. 
We have around ~80 clients in our reseller console, so I'm looking for a simple way to identify the client from the endpoint so I can query the API for data relevant to that client. 
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I wanted to followup with you on this. 
It's best if you talk with support directly as they'll have to look into this issue directly. I'll message you directly with some more information.