Cat needs a TV...

  • 10 May 2012
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Alright Webroot Community, I need your help.
I'm buying a new TV and I have to admit, it's been awhile since I've shopped for one. Jim even made fun of me when I said, "Since when do TVs have 3D?!?"  
So that being said, I'd love your advice. What are some "must have" features?  What should I stay away from? 
What I know I want: 
LED - Flat screen
Moderately priced
1080p vertical resolution
120 Hz refresh rate
What I know I DON'T need:
3D (seriously...3D?)
What I don't know if I need:
"Smart TV" - I do love the idea of internet cable vs regular cable though...
PC input  vs. USB port
DVI imports
Any advice?

4 replies

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Hi Cat,
First things first, Brand. If you want to spend some serious cash on this purchase, you might consider a Sony or Mr.. Takai's favorite the Sharp Quattron (seriously the best picture I have ever seen on a TV), if you want to spend less Visio makes a great TV at a good price.  I do like the LED back lights as they make the TV thinner, less hot and the blacks seem to be deeper (better contrast ratio).
Next, I would make sure that it has at least 2 HDMI (pref 4) and 2 Component inputes and then the others like RCA and S Video x2.  DVI / VGA are less important as most modern video cards have HDMI out and getting your picture and sound through one cable makes using your TV as a monitor for your computer easier. 
Which brings me to Smart vs.. Not smart... If you plan on using a computer as part of your AV set-up (think media server) why pay for the extra "Smart" features on the TV?  Most Smart TV apps are going to be less robust than you are used to using on your computer and then there it the frustration of using the remote as your keyboard...'nuf said. 
Hope this helps and enjoy your new toy when you get it!
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Hey Cat!
Definitely go with the LED 1080p. I do know you love sports, so I would honestly double that refresh rate to 240Hz :D
As far as the "Smart TV" goes.. you will not be buying an updated TV with all of the features you are requesting without it being smart. Most likely it will have features that allow internet access through a wireless or ethernet connection. I recommend this anyways because it opens new doors. You can have Pandora playing at a dinner party, Netflix or use a family members HBOGO, like me! You can even pull up Youtube videos on recipes while you cook! (Personal favorite)
You will most likely have the option for an HDMI hookup. This can be used for sound and picture which is convenient. There are always converters for cables and knowing what sort of sound/DVD/Bluray setup you will be using will be helpful!
I agree with you on the 3-D. My TV has the option and I have never enjoyed it.
I have an LG 55" LED 240Hz 1080p 3-D TV. It was originally priced around 3,000 and I bought it for 1,200 with tax.  I make purchases like this right after Christmas but it seems like you will need it sooner. Many companies have great deals in July! I will keep my eyes peeled for you in the range of 32"-55" until you specify a size. :D
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When it comes to televisions...I'm the guy you need to speak to first!
The best, and in my opinion the only, TV anyone should have in their home is the GE Performance Television5000. It is a state-of-the-art flat screen Smart TV with a very convenient 4' x 6' tabletop built right into the design. Antennas tuck away behind the unit and speakers are discretely placed in the beautifully designed wood panel that can be customized to your favorite shade of brown. PLUS, it includes a multi media (Betamax) player that sits discretely next to the unit with easy to use knobs.
Seriously, with such great is clear that the GE Performance Television5000 is the one and only television for you...and for every household today!
(*Remote Control sold separately)
(*Salesman is a paid actor and will not help move the TV into your home)
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Hi Cat!
So I think everyone has touched on the features, hardware, and refresh rate so I'll skip over this for the most part. I will say both Bill and Mike gave some great suggestions; you'll definitely want as many inputs for easy connectivity and compatibility with your other electronics like your computer, camera, Xbox/PS3 (if you have one), etc.
Honestly, based on what I just read, if you're looking for moderate price, you may just want to stick to 120 HZ vs. 240HZ as I hear the price difference doesn't really justify the picture quality improvement. That being said, it always feels good to have the latest and greatest, and most higher end, feature-packed TV's today have a 240 HZ refresh rate anyway. This PC Mag article explains it pretty well and you can decide for yourself.
While Sony and Sharp are both great brands (Vizio is a good choice if you're looking for a bargain), don't overlook Samsung. They've got the latest technology, great quality, and are typically a little cheaper than their Japanese counterparts. Oh, and they're very easy on the eyes, too.
Finally, here's CNET's take on the best LED TV's posted just a few days ago. The page also has a link that explains how LED TV's work so you may want to check that out as well!
Hope that helps and you find a great TV that has everything you're looking for!