Hacker Files: A Webroot Podcast

  • 21 March 2019
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Hacker Files: A Webroot Podcast
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A mini podcast series

In this special, Webroot podcast series we offer a behind-the-scenes look at the shadowy world of cybercrime from those battling it on the frontlines. Featuring ChannelE2E co-founder and host Joe Panettieri, alongside guest experts from around the industry, discussions delve into the most pressing issues in cybersecurity with those who know them best.

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How to Stop Opening the Door to Phishing Attacks
Learn from Joe Panettieri and Webroot’s Charlie Tomeo how cybercriminals manipulate users with phishing attacks, high-profile phishing successes, and how they can be prevented.

RDP: Ransomware's Hottest New Delivery Vector
Cybercriminals sniff out unsecured remote desktop protocol (RDP) to circumvent even well-planned defenses. Joe Panettieri and Webroot’s Charlie Tomeo discuss RDP as a ransomware delivery strategy.

The Sordid Story of Cryptojacking
How was Tesla duped into running malware on its own AWS infrastructure? Here, Joe Panettieri and Webroot’s Charlie Tomeo discuss cryptojacking news and its wider repercussions.

Landing the Big One with Spear Phishing
Spear phishing, a hyper-targeted form of the classic phishing attack, is rapidly gaining popularity and financial success. Hear Joe Panettieri and Webroot’s Hal Lonas discuss this highly-sophisticated tactic.

Is HTTPS Really Making Us More Secure?
The idea behind HTTPS is to create a secure, encrypted connection between your browser and a website. Does it work? Joe Panettieri and Webroot’s Hal Lonas discuss.

Botnets: New Tricks with Old Exploits
A five-year-old exploit for home router software was recently used to launch massive spam campaigns. Joe Panettieri and Webroot’s Hal Lonas discuss botnets and how to stop them.

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3 replies

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