How to Add Songs from Windows PC to iCloud Music Library

  • 19 March 2022
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Do you want to add some songs that are locally stored on your Windows PC to your desktop iCloud Music Library? This could be music that you downloaded from the internet or just any other song you have that’s not available on Apple Music. You can get this done using iTunes.


Apple Music boasts over 70 million songs in its catalog, but even then, you would occasionally run into instances where you’re unable to find a song that you recently listened to somewhere else. Whether it’s not available due to a region lock or any other reason, you’d either need to resort to other platforms for streaming it or purchase the song and download it to your computer. If you took the latter route, you can import the song to iTunes and make it accessible on all your Apple devices with iCloud Music Library.

Are you keen on learning what you need to do? We got you covered. Here, we’ll be discussing exactly how to add songs from a PC to your iCloud Music Library.


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1 reply

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Useful tip. The way things are going, it’s probably best to keep media in the cloud as opposed to on a local hard disk as moving them between devices and operating systems is getting more complicated.