Microsoft Announces a handful of Windows 8 Phones. Will you bite?

  • 29 October 2012
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While Google was busy canceling their NYC Nexus launch announcement (they did later unveil the devices on their blog), Microsoft was busy with their own announcement on the other side of the country as the Redmond software giant prepares to release a handful of Windows 8 phones in the coming month or so across a variety of US carriers.
While I won't bore (or excite), you with the details (that's what the article and review are for), I will say that Windows Phone 8 adopters will have more options from the get-go than did those who elected to give Windows Phone 7 a shot. Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly Android alternative or an iPhone 5/Galaxy S3-fighting flagship smartphone, Windows has you covered (sort of). I saw "sort of" because this is based on specs and specs alone. Sure, on paper, the new Nokia 920, HTC Windows Phone 8X, and Samsung Ativ S can go blow-for-blow against the best devices running iOS and Android. But this isn't so much as about the device maker (Nokia aside) as it is about Microsoft. They want to hit a home run with Windows phone 8, but the question is: Will people accept the new OS? Its enticing, sure. And pretty. And innovative. But will it be enough to get people to switch from their beloved iPhones, Nexuses, Galaxy's, etc?
I'm asking you Community members. Do any of you plan on taking the Windows Phone 8 plunge? If so (and if you want to see a Webroot SecureAnywhere app in the Windows store), be sure to chime in and kudo this Ideas Exhange post. I'd love to hear everybody's opinion!

2 replies

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It's a possibility as I will need a new phone soon. ;)
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