• 18 July 2017
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Hi Everyone!
We are in the process of developing an SDK for the Unity API, and we wanted to get your input on what languages you would like supported. Right now, we're focusing on C# and Visual Basic .NET. However, if there are some additions that you would like to include, please do let us know so our PM team can add that to their list. Also, if you would be interested in joining our Beta program for the SDK, please let us know.
Thank you!
Joseph R.

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Thanks& regards,
Angel anave
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Hi Joseph,
I'm going to develop several applications that will be connecting to the Unity API.
I'm using C# to develop these applications and would very much like to join the Beta program for the SDK.
Please let me know if that's possible.
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Hi @,
Thank you for your interest in the Unity API SDK. Can you please send me a private message with your company and contact information? Once I have this I can start getting you set up. 
Thank you,