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  • 27 April 2021
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Overall, I do like the new console, but I can’t find the column chooser so I can view useful data like last logged on user, IP address, agent version, etc. The ability to export to csv also appears to be missing which was useful in sending teams CSVs of agents not seen recently.


I can still get to some of that functionality by going to site → Endpoint Protection and going to the old console, but that is temporary and very clunky. Is the functionality described going to be moved into the new console? Is there a tentative timeline?


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7 replies

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Hey there @jcail ,

I’m going to ping a couple of our product experts to see if they have any ideas.



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Hi jcail,

I’m the Product Marketing guy, so not your ultimate ‘expert’, so hopefully one of my engineers will add to this string.

 I believe we now use the ‘Filters’ button to do the selections ‘column chooser’ was used for before.

And the Export button gives you your CSV export.

We’ve harmonized the terminology, iconography etc. throughout (like entities replaces groups).

Hope that’s correct,



@jcail  I believe you are referring to the Endpoint Console of a particular Site, which you can still access via the 
Actions ellipses to the far right of a Site row:


Or from here after clicking on to a Site name from the Sites List:

Once inside the Endpoint Console, and under the Group Management tab, you will find the view I believe you are referring to with the ability to see that useful data and export the CSV.

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@GeorgeA - I think filters filter on that attribute to show results particular to the one selected, but the columns available seem extremely limited and for the life of me, I do not see an export button.

@dstokes1 - As stated - I can get to the data or views by going around the new portal and hitting the legacy one as you pointed out. I am looking for similar functionality in the new portal is the old one will be discontinued at some point.

@jcail The functionality of the legacy console is being migrated to the Global Console before the legacy console is deprecated, so it will all be there at some point. We all want it there!

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@dstokes1  - Good to go - is there any sort of timeline published - not looking for anything super detailed, but major milestones would be nice to have.



@jcail Yes, agreed they would be nice but that information is not available privately or publically, which means we’re still a ways off from the full functionality of the legacy console migrating to the Global Console. I really do wish I had more to share with you and everyone else wondering.