cannot login to secureweb on my iphone4

i recently purchased webroot secure anywhere complete 2013 and installed it on my pc without any problems. i registered my account, however i cannot login to the app on my iphone 4.  i keep getting the error message that my login credentials are incorrect.  i have browsed the other forum posts and none of the suggestions/solutions have worked for me. please help?!!  also, if it helps, my iOS is 6.1.3

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Hello dhulse2remi and welcome to the Webroot Community!
I have a couple things you might try:
Log into your Account Console.  Once logged in, click your email address at the upper right corner and choose "Manage Users".
On the next screen, locate the account you are trying to use and make sure that all permissions are set to access or admin.  If any are not set to access, click the little person icon on the far right to edit the permissions.  Also while in edit mode, check to see that the key code associated with the profile is the same as your WSA-Complete key code.
Make sure that you are using the same key code that came with your WSA-Complete when installing/registering the app itself as well.
Hope this helps, but let us know if it doesn't!    You can also Submit A Trouble Ticket 
i was not given an option to "register/enter a keycode" when i installed the secure web on my iphone.  it just opens a browser window.  also, the WSA keycode is the same as in the packaging.  all settings are set to let me access everything, i.e. backup, passwords etc. 
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I am still looking for additional information, but here is a KB Article that while based for Android it is sometimes helpful for the iPhone apps as well.
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Something else, though I don't really think this is the problem.  Have you enabled Backup & Synch on your PC?  If it is related to the mobile backup and you have not enabled it on the PC this might be the problem.  You can enable Backup & Synch on the PC by opening Webroot, click the Backup & Synch tab, and log in.  I don't think you have to worry about actually setting up the backup or synch, just logging in might help.
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I think I can take care of this for you.  It looks like your account is still associated to an old Free keycode.  I'll move it over to the Complete keycode for you if you will please private message me your Complete keycode.  🙂
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Thanks Jim!
changing the password did not work. still cannot login
to jim: the free code was associated with a motorola xoom tablet that i no longer have.
i am signed in to the back up and sync on my pc. no issues signing in on my pc...its my iphone4
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The association issue you're running into won't actually affect backup, so that makes good sense.

I was able to locate your Complete keycode, and I made the adjustment on this end for you. I believe you should be all set now. If not, one more password reset should do the trick. 🙂
ok. just got a chance to try to login again. still cannot, even after another password reset. as of right now i cannot even login to my pc
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Ok, I'm really going to need you to follow that link in my first post and private message me the keycode you're using at this point please. 🙂 I need to confirm some things in order to proceed.

My apologies for the delay in the response. I've been out sick the past couple of days.