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  • 13 June 2013
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I have the SecureWeb app on my iPhone. Is there a way to make the SecureWeb browser the default for my iPhone? Right now, if I click a URL link in an email, the iPhone Safari browser is launched. I would prefer to launch the SecureWeb browser instead.
Also, is there a way to import bookmarks into the SecureWeb browser from Safari or from my laptop browser?

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1 reply

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Unfortunately, Apple does not allow changing the default browser on iOS devices like you can on an Android. Annoying, isn't it? Unfortunately, this is Apple's policy. 😞 There are ways of getting around it if you jailbreak the device, but we can't give tips on how to go about that since it's not advised.

The ability to import bookmarks isn't currently in the SecureWeb browser, but it's been requested here. I would suggest adding a kudo to the idea to help move it along.