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  • 6 April 2015
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This app on iOS definitely needs a major overhaul.
1) fix it for viewing correctly on iphone 6+(and every other iphone from reviews)
2) add features... like a good antivirus program you are on a PC... add remote wipe, remote photo capture, etc... standard features... if iOS won't let you add that, at least fix the browser please.... PLEASE... but I want to see more features than just a browse...r create a robust application. It is so disappointing to go from my PC which has excellent webroot software to the crappy web browser on my iphone.......
3) Enable an auto-sync function to automatically upload iphone media to the webroot backup account.. (if theres a way to do this someone share)
4) Good job on the PC side. Keep up the good work. Just put a little more detail in to the iOS app making and it'll be an awesome suite of security tools!

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Hello turner01,
Welcome to the Community Forum,
At this time, there is not an antivirus option available for Apple iOS devices. Because of how Apple manages the apps available in their App Store, there is not a need for one currently. This may change in the future but at this time is is extremly hard/almost impossible to infect an iPad.
Webroot does offer two apps you can download from the App Store to backup your files and protect your internet browsing, which you are aware of ... SecureWeb and there is Backup & Sync. For more information about these products, click here.

For more information I have also provided these links below.
Webroot SecureWeb ( It's great for browsing and keeping you safe online)
Webroot Backup & Sync (for SecureAnywhere Complete subscriptions only)
Now if you have some new ideas or would like to suggest them you can post in the Ideas Exchange Here. The more kudos one idea gets the more likely the idea will be considered.
I have Webroot SecureWeb for my iPad and I like it better then Safari IMO.
Hope this was helpful,
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