Secure Web History not clearing

  • 18 January 2013
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Hi, when I select History, and then "Clear" from the bookmarks window, it clears the pages in the list.  However, when click out of Bookmarks, return to the search page, hit the back button, or click in/out of secure web, all the search history pages are still there.
How do you completely Clear the search History?  Thanks, Michael

4 replies

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I see the problem here is that the back and forward buttons seem to remember the sites even when the history is cleared. I'm going to address this with our mobile developers for you. In the short term, it looks like you can circumvent this issue by opening a new tab (drag down on the plus sign), close the tab you had been browsing in (tap the window list at the bottom right and use the X on the old window), and then clear the history. The new tab does not have the same back and forward buttons, so that separate history does not carry over.

I see also that search box at the top right side of the app holds the text of the last search in the search box following use of "clear history." I can see how someone might expect to have that search text cleared as well, but that is not what "clear history" does. It would be a good improvement for "clear history" to clear that as well. I'll make sure development is aware of this for you as well. In the short term, if you backspace out the text in the box, it will not reappear.

Those are good catches on your part Michael. Thank you for mentioning these things.
Thanks Jim..keep us posted.
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Hello Michael and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums. ;)
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Hello MichaelG, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. 😃