How to completley delete all files of Webroot secureanywhere from computer?

  • 27 April 2013
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Ok so i tried everything under the sun to delete this annoying program from my computer. It keeps prompting to renew the program everytime i log in my computer. I tried deleting it from control panel-add remove programs, but its not even on the list to uninstall it! Someone please help with this issue. Oh i have a Vaio laptop if that helps at all. 

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3 replies

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Hello Ashy4sure and welcome to the Community.
WSA usually uninstalls quite easily and without problem.  One thing that sometimes helps to remove a program that failed to remove correctly is to re-install it, and then use the programs own uninstaller found in the Start menu (except on Windows 8)
You might want to Submit A Trouble Ticket in the unusual event that it will not uninstall correctly from your computer.
I am curious if there is anything else anyone can help you with in using WSA instead of un-installing it though.
Ok how would i go about reinstalling the program? and is this the only way i can uninstall the program? Theres nothing else that I need help with, i just want this product off my computer. 
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This TKB article should be of assistance.  🙂