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I no longer find Webroot to scan downloaded individual files using the right click context menu since installing Webroot .  
SecureAnywhere..  I am using Windows 
Is there a work around?

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Thanks for joining us nosteele!
SecureAnywhere has a similar function where you can individually scan specified files and programs. The software is designed  to automatically allow for the quarantine of such files if they become malicious.
Below are the instructions to run a Custom Scan for specific files, folders, and programs! ;)
1. Click on PC Security on the left side of the SecureAnywhere program
2. Underneath the Scan tab click the "Custom Scan" feature
3. Navigate to the "Custom" option
4. Click on "Add File/Folder" and add the files or programs you wish to scan individually
5. Push "Scan"
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Thx Mike for thorough explanation how to add a file/folder to individual scan. However if I correctly understood, nosteele points to the fact that he(she) is missing the right click feature in WinExplorer to trigger a scan of a file/folder. If that's the case it is something wrong because I can use the right click scanning in Total Commander as well as WinExplorer.
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Weird quirk about Windows:  If you have not rebooted the machine fully since installing SecureAnywhere, there's a possibility that the shell does not know about the context menu item yet.
The other thing to check is to ensure that the setting is enabled.  Click Settings on the lower left, then click Scan Settings on the screen that comes up.  The third option from the top, "Enable "right-click" scanning in Windows Explorer" needs to be checked.  If it is not, check it, then click Save All at the bottom, and then Close.  (Again, the computer may need to be rebooted for Windows itself to recognize the change.)
If that does not work, a quick uninstall/reinstall may be of benefit, in case something blocked the item being added.  Copy your keycode from "My Account", uninstall (takes about five seconds), reboot, reinstall, and reboot.  The two reboots are normally the longest part of the process.
If none of the above helps, chances are the support team will need logs to investigate.  I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for you and hope it all works instead though. 🙂
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Thanks Pegas,
Nosteele, is the feature enabled under your settings? Are you able to see the option to "Scan with Webroot" and it is just not working? If you cannot see the option at all the setting may need to be enabled or you may need to do a clean uninstall/reinstall of the software.
1. Navigate to the "Settings" function on the Overview tab
2. Click on the "Scan Settings" tab
3. Make sure Enable "right-click" scanning in Windows Explorer is checked
4. You can "Reset to Defaults" even if it is checked
In Windows XP the right-click scan function works properly for individual files, programs, and folders. Newer Windows operating systems manage context menus differently and we are aware that the right-click scan does not work for all files.
The work around would be to follow my initial instructions for a custom scan or to use the right-click context menu option to scan the parent folder that contains the files of interest.
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Hello nosteele and welcome to the Webroot Community Forums! :D
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Thanks to all for the replies.  
I cannot see "Scan with Webroot" option at all in the right click context menu and I have confirmed that I have right click enabled in my settings.
Having to drill down into the webroot program to do a manual scan is time consuming and annoying.  I also tried to pull it up in the parent folder of my file, in this case Downloads and again scan with Webroot does not show as an option.  
PS. if the uninstall, clean reinstall is a possible solution I would be willing to do so however I cannot find SecureAnywhere listed in my programs under  Control Panel|Programs.  All I find is a WRSA.exe file in Programs.
I am running the program under Windows 7 and Widnows 8 is around the corner.  Is Webroot working on making this function again for newer OS?
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Did you try a reboot as Kit has suggested? Also go under Start > All Programs > Webroot SecureAnywhere Folder > Tools Folder > Uninstall Webroot to see if it's listed there?
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I think it is odd that the program is not showing up in the control panel. Lets try uninstalling and then doing a clean installation. Please follow the directions below to remove the program. Take note of your keycode as you will need to enter it when reinstalling.
1. Search "Run" under the Start menu or hold down the Windows key and tap the letter R
2. Copy & Paste "C:Program FilesWebrootWRSA.exe" -uninstall into the text box next to "Open" or browse for WRSA.exe if you customized the file location and add a space followed by -uninstall after it
3. Press "OK" and enter the captcha if promted to do so
4. Once WSA is uninstalled properly you can run the
5. When asked to load previous settings please select no
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Success!  I uninstalled and reinstalled and immediately found the option in the right click context menu without having to reboot.
Thanks for instructions on how to uninstall and getting me going again!
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Great to hear now you can enjoy the best security software around! 😃 Also if you have any other questions or issues feel free to start a new thread!