How can I get the Passwords console page and toolbar to play together?

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The tablet is always close by.
I am sorry, I have not started on this yet... I am not feeling all that well at the moment.  I will get this done tonight or tomorrow though 🙂
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> The tablet is always close by.
I think I know that feeling. If I could surgically attach my Android phone, I would. The little guy serves me so faithfully. :D
I hope you feel better soon, David. No rush on this, after all it's just inconvenient, not a showstopper. Take good care of you...
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I wanted to follow up on this thread now that I've been using the password manager for about six months.
Initially, I tried to use both the passwords console page and the PM functions from the browser tool bar simultaneously. I had the problem that updates I made via the toolbar weren't refelect on the console page unless I logged in again--and that was a pain for me because I'd set up two-factor authentication.
After using the system for awhile, I've decided that this behavior is likely by design, and my expectation of different behavior was simply uninformed. After creating a new site using the browser toolbar, there is no reason to go to the console page to double-check the record. One can easily open the site from the toolbar and inspect the record to make sure it is complete. I simply use the add-on now. I haven't even visisted the console page in months.
I've just started using the password manager in other browsers besides Chrome. I notice that site updates I make in browser A aren't available in browser B until I restart that browser B. This time, I'm not surprised by that behavior. :D